June 30, 2015

Review Policy


[I am currently OPEN to review requests]

Hello, dearest authors and publishers! I would like to thank you for considering Charmingly Simple to read and review your book.

Along with me being a blogger, I also am a certified K-6 teacher and am getting my Master’s Degree to become a school librarian or a Teen Librarian in a public library. I really enjoy books and have pretty much dedicated my life to books and the promotion of them to everyone and anyone who will listen to my ramblings.

Before sending me a request I ask that you read my policy before sending to see if I am a fit for your book.


Preferred Genres:

I am interested in reading both Young Adult and Adult books

My bread and butter, my love, is fantasy and adventure. I will give any book that has magic, feudal societies, swords, and just plain goodness.

I am up for other genres, but ones that I do not accept are: non-fiction, erotica, short stories (unless they include authors that I really enjoy), and poetry.

I also believe that promoting diverse books are an important part of this community. I do believe that all diverse books should first go to people of those nationalities, races, or sexualities but am also making a conscious effort to help promote these books.

At this time I do not accept self-published books. At a future date, this may change, but I am very busy and cannot read everything.


Accepted Copies:

Physical copies, both hardcover and paperbacks- This is my preferred format

eBooks—I have a Kindle

ARC- Physical is again preferred but will read digitally if in a format that is compatible .


Information Needed Upon Book Request:

Author information

Synopsis of book

Genre and age category


Release Date ( Please specify if this an ARC)

Purchase Links (if applicable)

If an ARC please also include a time in which you would like the review published. I will try my hardest to comply with this. If I am not able to I will send an email to the contact that emailed me and discuss this.


Overview of My Reviews

First and foremost, my reviews are honest and only swayed by my opinion. In no way shape or form are my reviews influenced by author or the publisher. Once I review your book request and find it to my taste, please keep in mind that does not guarantee a review on my blog, finishing the book, or for my review to be glowingly positive. I am a very picky reader because my reading time is limited. Don’t worry, I give most books at least a 100-page try before I chose not to finish. In most cases, those 100 pages do give me positives that if I choose to write a review I will make sure I include.
Most of my reviews are cross-posted either in their entirety or summarized on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads. If there is a book that I really enjoy, I will also promote on my social media accounts.


A Few Last Notes

If requesting a giveaway or Blog Tour I have to have loved your book and genuinely want to promote that specific book. I do enjoy certain authors, but this does not automatically guarantee I will enjoy or want to promote “X” new book.

Physical copies and ARCS of books will take priority over all other types because I know the time and money spent on giving me the opportunity to read and review. But please remember that this does not guarantee review if time does not allow. I will contact someone to inform them of this in a timely manner.

I am a part of NetGalley. If you would like to send me requests through there my email address is different. It is: lfloyd8@wgu.edu

If everything is all set do not hesitate to contact me for review requests at: charminglysimple1@gmail.com