May 13, 2015

Behind the Blog

Hello, welcome to my little slice of the internet. My name is Lynette and I  am happy you decided to stop by for a small peak at my thoughts on things like books and movies. I started my blog in March of 2015, much later than most. I have been on a three year hiatus on much of life outside being an active-duty soldier, wife, and mother so I feel like for the most part I am playing catch up. I found the book blogging community purely by accident and didn’t even know there was such a thing as book bloggers or even BEA until early 2015! Teenager me is throwing a temper tantrum for this one since she would have loved to go to these events! I currently am going to school and will graduate (hopefully in April ’16) with my Bachelors  my elementary education, gaining me my teaching degree. I plan then to get my Masters in Library Science and become a librarian. As technology becomes more prevalent in our society, I hope to foster the continued love of reading in the next generation. Maybe this goal is a little selfish because I have two children myself and would absolutely love if they were into books as much as I am! I spend the majority of my time now as a stay-at-home mom to my children while my husband goes off and plays soldier (don’t worry, this is something that military people say. He does more than just “play”)


Random Facts

  • In 7th grade I read Gone with the Wind just to say that I did. It has to be hands down the worst book that I have read even today. This book forever changed how I read and I am not sure if it’s for the better or not. I now am hyper sensitive to the main character of books and if I don’t mesh well with what is going down I will not hesitate to not finish the book. I would rather not put myself through that torture again.
  • I am originally from Iowa. Yeah, the state in the middle of the map right next to Illinois. No, not to be confused with Idaho (you’d be surprised how many times this has happened)
  • If I am not reading (or now taking care of babies) I love movies. Back before we had kids, my husband and I would go to a movie about every weekend. Kind of miss it, especially when there is a really good movie coming out.
  • I have wanted to be a lot of things when I “grew up” and one of the things was publishing. Well, there was a school project that we had to research our possible career and once I realized that you had to basically move to the East Coast to get anywhere I folded. I love books, but I found a different avenue!