October 4, 2016

Villains Come in So Many Shapes & Colors | Top Ten Tuesday

Another try


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, a meme created by the lovely ladies over at Broke and Bookish, is all about villains. I will be the first to say that I love a good villain, and have been known to judge many books and movies by the quality of their villains. There are some villains I love because of how good they are at getting me to hate them. But there are also villains that sneak up on you. That have you questioning their every motive and whether they are not good or bad. Some turn out good (or gray) but some turn out to be even worse than previously imagined. So for this week my list is going to be…


Top 10 Villains That I Grew to Love
Villains That Snuck Up on Me & I Ended Up Hating



Grew to Love


Severus Snape | Harry Potter series :

God, when I first started reading the Harry Potter series I hated Snape with more passion in the world than I had any other character that I’d read. As a victim of child abuse I felt physically triggered every time I read his scenes with Harry and the others. But with the revelations of books seven opened up a whole other side of Snape that was not allowed to be seen until it was too late. While others, like Sirius’s past mistakes are swept under the rug as childhood pranks, they were still SERIOUS.  He almost killed Snape for FUCK sake, and when is that okay for even a kid, nay, a teenager to do to another?

But again, what makes Snape’s story even sadder is that he wasn’t given the opportunity, like Sirius, to redeem himself in a way that not only the characters, but the readers got to grow into. His redemption was in his death and it was more of an info dump/revoluation that I kind of felt cheated out of. Unlike Sirius, who got two books of redemption and love, we didn’t get the time to see him treat Harry like the son of Lilly (his only friend). He was caught in the middle of being the double agent and that is completely sad.

AGAIN, I say, none of this should condone his behavior to children. He was a bully and mean. But I don’t think anyone could say it better than J.K Rowling herself.


Regina  a.k.a The Evil Queen | Once Upon a Time TV Show :

Ah the Evil Queen, how much I didn’t like her in the beginning. Why that was the point right? But it took me a lot longer for me to like Regina than it did most people. Only recently have I warmed up to her and realized that she is really trying. I can’t necessarily condone her behavior, just like Snape, but again there are more to her character than being black or white.


Kelsier | The Mistborn Trilogy:

I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for this but in the beginning of the story I saw him as a villain. Probably not as black as the true villain in the story, but he did things and for reasons that weren’t necessarily for the best and most noble reasons. Again, this situation and my thoughts changed very fast. But come on. He is definitely a morally gray character.


AIDEN | Illuminae Files Series :

This is one that is difficult for me to admit to because of just how HORRIBLE AIDEN was in Illuminae (I read the audio book and not only evil but was just creepy). But for some reason the psychotic AI system grew on me. Dang. He was such a great villain.


Mr. Darcy | Pride and Prejudice :

I will admit that he wasn’t necessarily a villain, but I sure didn’t like Dr. Darcy. He was a straight asshole. But in the end, and with the help of Colin Firth, I could see that he was just shy and a product of his birth. Does that make it right? No, but more understandable. Dare I say more?

Jaime Lannister | Game of Thrones series :

Ah another one that I hated. I hated Jaime so much, especially about the time they visited the Starks (you know why). But as the story went on I kind of saw him as more of a really disturbed and kicked puppy dog. Did he do some fucked up shit? Yes. Should he die. Probably. But I might be a little sadder now instead of he would have died in the beginning of the series/books in which I would have fist pumped the air and said “Hell yes!” (like what happened with a certain other blonde).

Sneaky Villains/Morally Gray Characters
Albus Dumbledore | The Harry Potter Series:

Before you get your pitchforks out, hear me out. I’ve heard Snape, Umbridge, and other various characters and all deserve to be on this list. I will not say that Dumbledore is necessarily a villain, but if Snape deserves to be placed on this list of morally gray villains so does he. He left Harry in a complete state of ignorance (some might even consider that “for the greater good”), used Harry to destroy Voldemort, and on top of it sent Snape to be a double agent (setting in motion so many things with the relationship between Snape and Harry). If Snape should be accountable for how he behaves towards children, shouldn’t Dumbledore as well? But more on that later on in the month for Read at Midnight’s  #CritYourFave feature. Suffice to say, Dumbledore didn’t just wear gray, he was gray.  I didn’t really like him in the end as much as I did in the beginning of the story and thus is the main reason why he ended up here.

Mr. Wickham | Pride and Prejudice:

This probably is pretty self-explanatory but I did like him in the beginning.  Boy was I wrong. I guess that proves I am a lot more like Elizabeth than I originally thought.


The Townspeople  of Terminus | The Walking Dead :

I WILL ONLY spoil a small bit but but FUCK YOU Terminus. Good day.



I didn’t quite make it to 10, and it seems that the majority of my list consists of morally gray characters in the realm of whether I ended up liking, or not, them from the beginning of their stories to the end. I hope you enjoyed my list and by all means, if you have a comment (respectful disagreement) it’s alright, I love hearing others opinions!

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