October 4, 2016

I am back from the Dead!| September Wrap Up


Ah, good gravy! I have had such a busy/hectic few months that I’ve had such little time to formulate anything, let alone read. I think that I’ve said this a lot but it completely 100% true. I have started my Masters in Library Science and I think that I’ve found a balance between my school, mommy-ing and reading. So without further ado, this is my September wrap up.

In the month of September I have read: 8 books



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Some of these books will be reviewed shortly in one way shape or form. But for the most part I will say that September was an awesome book month for me. Books have always been a priority for me, and lately I have not been making them a priority. This has been effecting not only my blog but my mental health. Reading books makes me happy and not doing it has kind of put me in a mental funk. But, I am back and have officially made it a priority to make reading and my blog a priority.  This is really going to be a brief TBR considering I will be speaking about most of these books in the month of October so doing so here would be kind of redundant.


One last order of business. One of the other things that I have been participating in September is the Fall Bookish Bingo created by Bekka over at Pretty Deadly Reviews. I love this game so much and have had such a hard time keeping track the last seasons but I HAVE been in September and have filled out my progress!


So that’s all. I promise that October’s Wrap-up will be a little more specified and formatted better. Until my next post!

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