August 2, 2016

I Would Give My Eye For These Books (That would make reading difficult)

Top Ten Tuesdays1

You know, as odd is it to say this is one of the hardest topics that I have had to think about during Top Ten Tuesday. Why? When considering the sheer amount of books out there and which ones I would pick it is a daunting task. How do I choose behind all of the interesting and lovely books. Sadly my list is going to disappoint you because it’s only going to include seven books.

So here is my pitiful excuse of a list…..




That’s right, I would want all seven Harry Potter books in the Juniper Ravenclaw edition. With a price tag of almost 300 dollars can you blame me for wanting someone else to heft the bill for this? But look at the jackets! Now I will go and drool. There are many other books that I wish but I feel that these are the ultimate of ultimate if I had a gift card I would want to get these books.


Thanks for stopping by! What do you think of my choice? What would yours be?


  1. This edition is so pretty! It would look amazing on my bookshelfs 🙂

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