July 3, 2016

Potterhead July| How Harry Potter Shaped Me Beyond My Reading Experience



What where you doing on June 26th 1997?

On June 26th 1997 the Who Lived was born. A literary phenomenon swept across the world and into the hearts and homes of children everywhere. Not only did Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosophers Stone and its subsequent books effect the publishing world in the years after, but it changed the minds and lives of those children who grew to love the motley crew that came to life in the pages. I was one of those children. Now I know that this was supposed to be a post on how Harry Potter shaped my reading experience but as I was writing I realized something; Harry Potter has touched my life in more ways that just my reading experiences afterwards. It has shaped many of the things that I am today. So, I want to share all of it, not just the reading part.

I didn’t find Harry Potter on my own. It might surprise some of you but Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was a required book for us to read in school. I know, weird right? If only all of the required reading for school was this exciting right? I remember being intrigued by the book and the premise but at the ripe old age of 8, I wasn’t convinced that reading was my thing.

Boy was I wrong.

I devoured Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in a matter of days and couldn’t help but pick up each and every book afterwards. I had to wait awhile between books because at that time they were still being published (this fact makes me feel really old). Books 2 and 3 didn’t take as long to come out as the 5th one did (I think that this was setting me up for being able to wait for George R.R Martin).

But how did the series as a whole affect me? There are so many ways that I can say but there are three main reasons:

  • It gave me my love of reading. Honestly, without this series I don’t know how long, if ever, I would have become the reader that I am today. Even if I had not read Harry Potter I still might have liked reading but maybe I wouldn’t have loved fantasy as much as I do. I fell in love with not only reading but the genre and magic became real to me. To this day, I feel like my letter just got lost in the mail and someday, someday it will come.


  • In a roundabout way, this series is the reason I wanted to teach and to eventually become a librarian. This book being not only recommended but required to read opened my eyes as an adult to the importance of the influence adults have on not only the books that students read but their eventual love or hate of reading in general.This has lead me to my future career (and current one) in becoming a teacher and librarian. I want to help someone find their Harry Potter and fall in love with not only that story but with reading. With the release of the illustrated editions of Harry Potter I hope to reach even my own children who are too young to actually care about the other editions (who doesn’t love a good illustrated book).


  • I found an escape of the world that I was living in. I lived in a single parent household and my dad worked all of the time. But yes, I said my dad. So you can imagine in that situation and all the comic relief that could spawn from that situation. The saddest thing was that I didn’t have a female role model let alone Harry Potter, specifically Hermione Granger, made me be okay with myself. She was the first character in a book that I really related with and saw myself in her. I was short, had puffy hair that wasn’t made better by the fact that my dad would cut it, but more importantly I was what was referred to as a teacher’s pet. I was that girl that people laughed at and thought was a snob. My perpetual shyness didn’t help convince my peers that I wasn’t, in all actuality it made it worse because they never got to know the real me. The fact that Hermione didn’t only find friends that liked her but she became vital to the survival to those friends was AMAZING!


Ultimately, the Harry Potter series is probably one of the most influential books of my generation and I am so glad that I was able to grow up right along with Harry and his friends.  I hope to influence and help the next generation in finding their own Harry Potter.


  1. Lovely! It seems that Harry Potter somehow created a universal sense of belonging with its story. I especially like what you had to say about Hermione. For many years, I too had been waiting to find a bookworm like her to admire, and she really gave me a heroine to look up to when I was younger. 🙂 I too look forward to seeing what books our own children will grow up with someday, and see how it impacts them. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Aw, I love reading posts like this and seeing how much of a positive and lasting influence reading the Harry Potter series has left on people! It’s great to hear Hermione was one of your female role models as you were growing up. Like you, I also saw a lot of my self in her:)

  3. I love that Harry has had such a positive influence on so many of us. I knew I really liked to read, but it wasn’t until HP that I discovered that I LOVED to read. The series is responsible for igniting a thirst for books in so many of us. I’m so glad that Hermione was there for you and that she had such a positive impact on you when you were younger. There’s nothing like finding a kindred spirit between the pages of a book when you may be feeling alone in the real world. Hopefully, many more girls and boys will continue to find solace in the series for generations to come.

  4. I really love hearing about the impact Harry Potter has had on other people’s lives. There’s no doubt it’s been a huge influence in my life in a ton of different ways.

  5. OMG I would have died to have Harry Potter as required reading. And how amazing is it that this book someone assigned ending up shaping your life that much. I can fully see how that would inspire you to be a librarian and hope that you’ll be recommending inspiring reads to kids too!

  6. Aw this is such a lovely post! I love reading so many people saying that HP is their “gateway” series to the reading world, and how it provide escape from the real life. I think it’s really beautiful that a book could do that to you!<3

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