July 12, 2016

My Bookish Habits and The Like

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This weeks topic is ten facts about you. Now I’m not really good with talking about myself, but here goes!

Sloth thy name is my reading pace:

I read really slowly. I have this insane need to think about almost every book that I read and I get lost sometimes in my thinking and BAM I’ve been reading the same book for days. It’s crazy and makes me super paranoid that I’ll fall behind because I can’t put the review output that some other bloggers have. But thus is my life as a slow reader.


Planning, fuck planning.


I say fuck planning in the saddest way possible. Like FUUUUCKKK, planning! I need planning but the simple matter of it is that I suck so hardcore at it. I know that I should be better at it but I’m constantly working on it!

Floppy floppy-ity flop


If I was to choose how I think that all books should be published it would be in floppy paperbacks. I absolutely love these types of books. I used to not be so picky but something about mass print paperbacks and hardcovers are so AWKWARD.


It’s all in the family, nor not

I don’t know where I got my love of reading because no one in my family loved to read as much as I did. I loved going to Barnes and Nobles as a kid and while I tried to find books my younger sister just followed me around. Probably why I hate people shadowing me while I shop. It’s fucking akward and annoying. You hear me younger siblings.



I am 100% possessive of my books and the quality that they stay in. Some people have the philosophy that “books are meant to be read” and while I agree it sets my teeth on edge. Maybe it was because growing up my prized possessions where my books. I didn’t buy clothes or makeup. Just books. So thinking about my books being ruined is on the top of the list for things to set me into a #nerdrage. One of the first things my children learned was don’t touch mommy’s books.


Bubble, Bubble, toil in trouble


Despite my infliction about my books I love reading in the tub. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with matching the smell of my bath with bath bombs to the book that I’m currently reading.


Green is a nasty color, but I wear it SO WELL!


I am 100% envious of all the bloggers that have countless hours to devote towards reading. I remember being one but then I had to fuck it up and join the Army and then have babies. I’m not saying that these bloggers don’t have lives but there isn’t anything worse to a bookworm than being interrupted and for the last five years of my life it’s been a loop of interuptions. Worst interruption while reading: poopy diapers!


Another man’s trash is another’s treasure

There is a popular author who I do not click with their writing style. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the reason I do not like either of their INSANELY popular book series. I’ve read *sort of similar* series and LOVED them. Black Sheep Unite!


A Little Magic, A Little History


My two favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction. When you get books that combine that with maybe a bit of alternate history I cannot handle my fangirling. I’m absolutely excited about these books!


A Home is where your Bookcases Are

My dream is to own a house that has a dedicated library room. Currently I live in a small house and there isn’t really room for my books (no matter what my husband wants me to believe) and it makes me very sad. I want a place to go and unwind. A Book Cave.


Bonus Round



Mini Bookworms

My biggest wish for my children (other than growing up to be happy an successful) is for them to love books as much as I do.  They might not be able to travel around the world so the best that I can do is give them the opportunity to see other places through their imagination. This is extremely important to me. I don’t want do this for my own kids but all the kids I meet. This is why I’m getting my masters in Library Science with a specialty of becoming a school librarian.




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