July 13, 2016

In Which I Hang My Head in Shame but I Will Make Up For It

You know that series that draws you to it but you’re so afraid to read it that you keep putting it off and putting it off? Well, my series like that is the Air Awakens series by Elise Kova. I have been drawn to these books constantly but it just screamed to be binge read. It screamed it in my face like a toddler having to be dragged away from the park (any parents out there know what the hell I mean). But now, I can finally read this series! Why? The final book in the series Crystal Crowned is coming out today! Yes! I absolutely cannot wait to dive into this series, especially since how well perceived it has been. I love books that have a solid fan base and aren’t too big for their britches (we all know those series). So without further ado let me introduce you to Crystal Crowned and the entire series in all it’s glory! It’s the last one, I just couldn’t resist showing it with all of it’s sister. Look at the entire beautiful series.




If this series isn’t enough of awesomeness look at Elise’s new series coming out in January! It is called The Alchemist of the Loom. Look at this freaking cover! Ahhhhh! Click on the picture to lead you to it’s Goodread page and add it to you TBR right now!!



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