July 23, 2016

BBCP Pages to Pictures: The Final Empire: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson



I decide that I needed a big kick in the pants this summer creatively. Enter sweet Nori over at Read Write Love and her Book Blogger Creative Project! I signed up and was put on the Magenta Team and we came up with an idea that we duped “Pages to Pictures” (sounds fancy right). Pages to Pictures is a feature were each of the members of the Magenta Team pick a book that they liked and build its movie from the ground up. Actors, setting, whether it should be a movie or television show, and everything in between.

You want to know my book?



The Final Empire: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

(the first book in the series)


Boy when I thought of this one I was not really anticipating the pressure I’d feel (by myself) in making this as best that I could. Mistborn is a well-loved book and there probably are going to be some problems with something that I put but I hope that my vision could be seen.  So without further ado here is my The Final Empire:Mistborn.

TV or Movie

First I had to decide whether or not I would want to make Mistborn a movie or a television show and why. At first I was thinking “hell yeah a movie” but then I got to thinking about how much the magic system is vital to the world and shapes EVERYTHING, even the people that it touches and I knew that movies were just not ENOUGH. So television it is! But what station should do this GRAND!


Well, HBO of course! They’ve already proven that they can do big budget shows and ROCK at them (Game of Thrones). I would never want channels like Syfy touching this movie because like Sword of Truth series they wouldn’t be able to do it justice. This movie needs a BIG budgetsetting

_85798724_1920xxxjasonhawkes-0056For the most part while reading I envisioned the streets of London. Not today’s London but early 20th century London. Most of the scenes in this book involve alleyways or rooftops and London would be the perfect place for it! Seriously, the alleyway scenes in this book are some of the best and I couldn’t picture another place.




cast of charactersVIN VinpicThis is the actress Yaya Urassaya Sperbund and is the best representative of how I pictured Vin. Vin is much younger than I believe Yaya is but I always pictured Vin being a mix of two different cultures (because she is) and well this actress is beautiful and even though Vin goes through the majority of the book believing she isn’t beautiful I think that she really is.



8409c5e06e765d2ac48f122d6e1f97beThis was honestly the character that I spent the most time agonizing over and I finally found him on a whim watching The Hobbit. Aidan Turner. Wow I have watched a few of his shows and his ability to play an emotional range is perfect for the character of Kelsier. Kelsier is whitty at times and uses humor as a weapon but is very deeply damaged and at times can’t help but let that show. So here is my Survivor of Hathsin.


marshtom-wlaschiha-pa-vorspann_7704029-original-lightboxOh gosh, can you just look at this guy? I feel like Marsh got a lot of flack in the books and one of the reasons why I am including him is because he does play a vital role in this series. I’m not going to say how or why but not only does he play a role for the book but his brother Kelsier. Plus Tom Wlaschiha is pretty good looking and can hold up a candle to Aidan and I honestly feel like in the book just because he was the more “responsible” one doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been good looking too.


elendgame-of-thrones-kill-the-boy-piracyI’m sure that we all know who this guy is but I really want to see Kit Harington play a character that isn’t Jon Snow. That isn’t anything like Jon Snow. Come on man, I would love to see this. Gah. I will end it here but yes this is my pick for Elend.


musthavescenesNow here are some scenes that I’m going to put in here that I believe are very important to the book and that really should make their way into this fictional television show. You know as a book reader sometimes they cut off scenes that as someone who really doesn’t or isn’t interest in the book would think is trivial but as a lover of the book you are screaming and thrashing around at them being cut (I’m looking at you Game of Thrones). I’m not going to go into specifics because that will ruin some of the story if you haven’t read them and if you have you probably know what I’m talking about.

glimpse into the pastThroughout the book you are given glimpses into the past. These are very important to the story line and I could see a television show trying to cut them for time. Don’t.


Similar to above, there are several scenes between Kelsier and Marsh that are pivotal to the relationship between the two and future events. Writers might call it fluff but again very important.

inner thoughtsI’m not going to go into detail what Vin’s mission is but it changes the way that she views not only the world around her but herself. Those scenes are very important and I’ve seen these scenes taken out of movies before and it usually ruins the watcher and the characters connection.

Kelsier and VinLike the moments between Kelsier and Marsh the teaching moments between Kelsier and Vin are extremely important for the growth of not only the characters but for the story and their relationship. Don’t fuck it up. Plus this is were we learn about the very unique magic system!


What do you think about the feature that my group and I created? I’d really love to hear your thoughts down below!



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