May 25, 2016

Lipstick Wearing Book Reading Badass|Discussions (Rant)



I apologize, a rant is coming!

When it comes to drama on Twitter and in the book community as a whole I have a hands off policy. But like America in WWII and Pearl Harbor – there comes a point where you have to stand up for what you believe in, especially when you know that it’s wrong and get your hands dirty. What could this be about?

Lipstick? Books? What do these things have in common?

Well, according to a recently released video you can only have one because those who wear makeup can’t possibly actually read. In this video an older gentleman voices his opinions about his experience at BEA this year.  Normally I do not have a reaction to these posts because deep down I know that some of the things mentioned might be actually correct but this man went too far. As I watched his video I couldn’t help but feel upset and sickened by a grown man’s complete lack of respect towards other human beings (most of which are teenagers/young adults). There are numerous things that he says that come from the perspective of someone observing a situation instead of actually being there to witness the event first hand. An example being when he said that authors and publishers don’t care about YouTubers and that he doesn’t understand why these famous YouTubers even come to book events because they could get the books for free and sent to them. Now, this shows two distinct things; it shows that this man does not understand why these YouTubers go to conventions and shows exactly why HE goes to conventions. He goes for the books.

 Conventions are not always about the books.

Sometimes people, especially when their world is so consumed by social media, want to be physically around people and speak to those who have something in common with them. Personally, I grew up in a town where it was hard to find people who enjoyed reading as much as I did. The internet wasn’t as readily available for teenagers back in my day and so I didn’t have the outlet that younger people have these days. Do I envy them? No, I don’t. Why? They have to face asshole adults like this that judge them and say that this generation is consumed by social media and need to make REAL connections but then judge their need as unworthy or god forbid FAKE.  Who are you judge-y man? Oh right, you’re a YouTuber on YouTube talking about your time at BEA and how there are so many BEA hauls and YouTubers talking about BEA. It’s sick that he believes that he has more of a right to speak about his experience at BEA than others do because they happen to wear MAKE-UP. Yeah, he implied that not only in his videos but in his comments later on the subject.

Which comes to my final point…

When did a woman wearing makeup dictate her ability and want to read a book? Does the eyeliner smudge her eyes so she is unable to read the pages? Does the blush make her so hot that she can’t possibly stand still and keep a book open? This complete chauvinist behavior of this man burns me in so many ways. Normally I turn the other cheek but I cannot with this because this sort of behavior has the potential to be extremely harmful to people; mainly young women who already have conflicting emotions of what they should and shouldn’t be to be accepted into society. The way that some people praised him for his “say it like it is” behavioral honestly has me terrified because this behavior mirrors something that is happening in politics today (a topic I won’t get into today). The fact that this comes from a man that possibly could be my dad or grandfather astounds me and shows that it isn’t just the younger generation that breeds assholes. This sort of sexist behavior towards women who have the courage to put themselves out there week after week should not be dropped or forgotten. This is not just for YouTubers but for women everywhere that are constantly judged for being too something, too little, and all around not right. Let’s show them that we are more than how we appear; make-up or no make-up!

So stand up for your right to be a #LWBRBA (Lipstick Wearing Book Reading Badass)

So long, it’s time to reapply!



  1. Lovely post. Who is this guy? What is the name of that video? I want to watch it..
    He is really ridiculous, I hate it when some people let people down those who loves books. His comments are misogynists.
    –Anyways, nice to meet you :). I hope we can be friends.


    -Christine @ tine’s reviews

  2. I heard about this drama and honestly this pissed me off too! Like you said, what does me wearing make up has to do with my reading abilities?? I read with my eyes and my soul, not with my makeup. It honestly so degrading and it’s sad that it’s 2016 and yet there are people that still think that women can’t be both smart and pretty. Why can’t I like to read and wear make up? Those 2 definitely has no corelation or whatsoever-_-

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