April 21, 2016

Nefarious Tales|Disney Villain (Anti-Heroes Too) Fancasting

Nefarious Tales - Villain week

Welcome to my villain-y stop on the Nefarious Tales! The lovely Misha from Chasing Faerytales has put together a positively nasty (in the best sense) blog tour that celebrates the love of all the villain-y goodness in both books and movies.


When I heard of this celebration of villains I had to join! When I think about what about villains I love I couldn’t help come to my first villain loves; Disney villains. I have in my head what I think my favorite Disney villains should be cast in their own movies. I know that some have already HAD movies, but this is just what I think in my head.


So, without further ado here are my top 5 favorite villains (and a few anti-heroes) and who I think should play them!





Hear me out, along with straight out villains there are also those who walk the line and are antihero and that is exactly what I think Meg was in Hercules. She began the movie as a servant of Hades and did things that were morally grey (for a Disney movie) and strung Hercules along while doing them. Now, the majority of what she did was because Hades made her (and thus is why HE is the villain in the story) but still, she did them. In the end she redeemed herself and I think that Mila Kunis could play both her sassy and sweet side.


Okay, okay, now this one is kind of cheating but I SWEAR when I came up with this list and which actors I thought would be best for them I did not know that Jeremy Irons for all intensive purposes DID play Scar (at least his voice). But, seriously, look at him! Doesn’t he look like Scar? Scar was one of my favorite villains because of how bad he was. There wasn’t a redeeming quality in him and he was the villains that you loved to hate as a kid!



Like Scar, Lady Tremaine was a villain that you couldn’t help but hate. In the original story there wasn’t a reason that she treated Cinderella as she did and that made it even more worse. In picking Maggie Smith to play the role in my head I knew that it would be hard to envision Professor McGonagall as a Disney Villain but that’s what makes it GREAT! I would love to see her step out of the sarcastic or stoic wise women and into a role that you can’t help but hate!


I can remember watching The Little Mermaid on repeat with my little sister and thinking of how nasty (again in a good way) Ursula was. Hell, she almost got exactly what she wanted and was only thwarted in the nick of time! Ugh, so cool! I would love to see Melissa try this because I think that she could get those hilarious parts on spot and be fabulous doing it!


Beauty and the Beast would have to be my FAVORITE Disney movie when I was a child and for almost 75% of the movie the villain was the Beast. I really don’t count Gaston as a villain (even though he technically is the “villain of the movie) because he doesn’t really do anything other than bluster and makes one puny villain in my opinion.  The Beast, like Meg, walked the line their respective movies between being a villain and being someone I sympathized with. They both redeem themselves in the end. As to why I see Gerard Butler as him, can we just remember P.S. I Love You? I think that he’d have the chops not only to play Prince Adam in the end but more importantly Beast. That accent doesn’t hurt either!

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  1. These are fantastic picks! And Gérard Butler would HAVE to play the Beast. There is simply no one else.

  2. I completely agree with you 100%. Scar is such an amazing villain. It’s so eerie yet fascinating at the same time to see how a simple emotion like jealousy can transform a person into someone so malicious and power-hungry. Same with Ursula too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

  3. THIS LIST IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!! I love your picks! Mila would fit Megara perfectly – and I would love a life action Hercules, Megara and Hades’ sass needs more love! – and I am so happy that you stuck to Jeremy Irons for Scar, because I don’t think anyone else can do justice to that character!
    I liked Cate as the evil stepmother in Cinderella, but Maggie would be a good fit as well! Also Melissa and Gerard, your picks are perfect!!!

    Thanks for joining the event and for the amazing post, Lynette! <333

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