April 6, 2016

April Bout of Crazy Read-A-Thon Announcement

Now don’t look at me like that, I swear I have a good reason! I swear I have a good reason for joining three current or upcoming and one reading challenge in April. My life has been a little crazy with student teaching and it has left me with almost little time to read or even to blog. I have heard some wonderful things about some of these and I want to get back into the swing of reading and what better way of doing that then getting into readathons and challenges. Like most of the readers out there I am taken by my moods and what books that I want to read at a given time so even if I make a TBR it might change at any given time so bear with me. You will also notice that some of books I list are the same. I am choosing my TBR’s to maximize all the challenges that I am involved in. Work smarter not harder right? Ambitious much? Yes.


Bookish Bingo Readathon

Hosted by: Pretty Deadly Reviews

Start: April 3rd (12am)-April 9th (11:59pm) (Which also happens to be my birthday!)

The jist: to read books that fit into the squares of the Spring Bingo Card.

I plan to read:
The Providence of Fire

by Brian Staveley

Outrun the Moon

by Stacy Lee

A Gathering of Shadows

by V.E Schwab

Under the Painted Sky

by Stacy Lee

Forbidden Orchid

by Sharon Biggs Waller

The Forbidden Wish

by Jessica Khoury

Genius: The Game

by Leopoldo Gaut

TBR Takedown

Hosted by: Leaning Lights

Starts: April 8th to April 10th (11:59pm)

The jist: to read books from your TBR.  This will also assist with my Rock Your TBR Challenge!

I plan to read:
Under The Painted Sky

by Stacy Lee


Anne of Green Gables

by L.M Montgomery

(Most recent book haul)

Mistborn: The Final Empire

by Brandon Sanderson

(Part of a series/been on my shelf for over a year)


Hosted by: Squibbles Reads, Under the Radar Books, Vienna Waits Books, Lauren & the books

Starts: April 10-17

The jist:  read at least three books from different genres

I plan to read:


Traitors Angels

by Anne Blankman

(YA historical)

Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island

by L.M Montgomery


Alanna’s First Adventure

by Tamora Pierce

(YA Fantasy)

ARC April

Hosted by: Read. Sleep. Repeat

Starts: The entire month of April

The jist: to read books from your ARC TBR pile

I plan to read:





Traitors Angels

by Anne Blankman

The Passion of Dolssa

by Julie Berry

Genius: The Game

by Leopoldo Gout

Outrun the Moon

by Stacy Lee

The Star-Touched Queen

by Roshani Chokshi

Once Upon a Dream

by Liz Braswell

Rebel of the Sand

by Alwyn Hamilton


by Scott Westerfeld

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