March 29, 2016

Large Book Intimidation|Let’s Discuss

Lets Discuss


I have a confession to make.


You want to hear it?


Hello, my name is Lynette and I’M A BOOK SIZEST!


You might be scratching your head and wondering what could I possibly mean by this statement but I assure you it is both accurate and goddamned shame to admit. But I feel that this sizest behavior is not just me. As I watch and read others peoples blogs and videos on both the book blogging community and on BookTube I have noticed a trend on most of the TBR videos that has got me thinking about this epidemic in both myself and others. Again, you might be confused at what I mean and I am hear to explain and discuss what I mean about it.

First you should know something about me.

I have always been a book sizest.

At one point I told myself that I wasn’t going to read stories that were less than 200 pages because either there wasn’t going to be enough information and that would be sad if I loved the book so, I never read books less than 200 pages. But boy did I read large books. In 7th grade I read all of The Lord of the Rings books, Gone with the Wind, and various other lengthy novels. Novels that had adults raising an eyebrow at me and their minds full of silent questions.

Fast forward 13 years later.

I have joined this community that both is exhilarating and boisterous in the shared love of books and reading.  But a few weeks ago when I was looking at my TBR and attempting to find a book to read and putting down an AWESOME book that I am really excited to read it got me thinking. What was wrong with this book you might ask? It was an intimidating 1000+ pages long. I hesitated and then I asked myself why I hesitated. Was this book REALLY intimidating? Then it got me thinking to the word “intimidating” and how I’ve heard it a lot lately about describing books. Now, normally I wouldn’t think anything of people being intimidated by books because some dive into some serious stuff. But more times than not the books being described as intimidating were described as such only because of their size.

Are the books themselves intimidating or is the time spent reading them what is intimidating?

Hear me out, it goes back to my story about picking out the 1000+ book and how I described it to my husband. I said to him that in the time that it takes me to read this one book I can have read three regular sized books. WHAT?

Now that you know my shame I’d like to talk about it.

Are large books really intimidating or is it the time invested in reading them what is the intimidating part?


  1. I have mixed feelings about large books. If a second or third book in a series I already love goes up to 500+ pages, I’m all for it ’cause I know I would enjoy the story and wouldn’t mind investing the time and energy. I wouldn’t pick up a 1000+ book if the plot sounds pretty heavy; this is the reason I have been putting off tackling Pillars of The Earth. So I would say it’s the time investment that I find intimidating about big books!

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