January 5, 2016

HA You’d Think I’d Give Away the First Emotion in the Title|The Emotions of Reading Feature



Last year (haha) I spoke about a new feature coming to my blog called the Emotions of Reading. Each month I am going to choose an emotion that I myself and maybe you have felt while reading, before, or even after. I’m going to highlight this emotion in several post and at the end of the month I will pick one winner from the United States and someone internationally (were the Book Depository ships to) to each win a prize.
Be warned, most times people who do Book Depository books let the winner pick but this isn’t the case. I will be asking the international winner to list a few books that they believe utilizes these feelings to them (in some way, I’m not judging HOW or WHY they feel a certain way about a book). The U.S winner will win a medium rate flat rate box full of things (and books of course) that I have personally picked out that I believe fit perfectly. Hopefully some of these books are new and can widen the winners scope. Hell, or they just win a box full of free shit. Who would turn their nose up at that?
Okay, without further ado January’s emotion is:


I’m talking about those books that remind you of a well-worn pair of socks. They hug your feet just right and you would be completely beside yourself if your dog tore them up or your cat peed on them. Or vice versa. Cats are assholes and dogs are unpredictable. Tune in a little later in the month to find out some of the books & things that make me feel the most comfortable. I’m talking about those books that you read and you feel like you’re revisiting old friends and just have lost their number for awhile.

I chose comfortable because the holidays can be a hectic and hell raising experience for some people, especially fellow introverts like myself. They make you want to hold up and never come out the the light of day again. For me, they’ve always made me want to read and read comforting books.


Do you agree about my choice for January? What do you think February should be? What are some of your “comfortable” books?

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  1. Wow. This is a cool feature! Really something different. I like it!
    And the holidays can be comfortable. I had a nice relaxing holiday. Not much happened. Fine by me!

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