December 9, 2015

Too Many Authors to Count| Top Ten Tuesdays


Top Ten

Maggie Stiefvater| The Raven Cycle

This was one of the very first books that I read when I started this blog and it has become my favorite ever since. I have not read Blue, Lily, Blue because I have been waiting for The Raven King, the last in the series to come out. Boy am I probably in for a cry.

V.E Schwab|Vicious

V.E Schwab has a few series out there but the book that I read was Vicious. It is a story that is hard to explain without spoiling anything but if you love super and anti heroes this is the book for you. I will definitely be getting to her other works!

Leigh Bardugo|Six of Crows

Leigh has been around for awhile but I only got really interested in her with her Six of Crows novel. I am glad that this series is going to be a duology instead of trilogy. This way, I won’t have to wait for a third book!

Marissa Meyers|The Lunar Chronicles

When I joined the community, I kept hearing about The Lunar Chronicles. I heard that it took the fairy tale princess and turned them on their head. Just my kind of series. With Winter’s release I have offically finished this series and boy, am I sad about that. It has been one of my favorites!

Rachel Caine|Ink and Bone

I know that Rachel Caine has other series but honestly none of them interested me until I came across The Great Library series, her most recent one. It has one of my favorite things in it BOOKS! She definitely has been added to my top to read list and I can’t wait until Paper Fury comes out!

Rainbow Rowell|Fangirl & Carry On

I don’t usually read contemporaries but when I heard about Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell I had to check it out! Boy, am I happy I did because she has become one of my favorite contemporary authors. I used to write fan fiction of mine and I not only think that Rowell handled the situation (not only in Fangirl but also in Carry On) but captured the personality of those who write fan fiction very well (at least captured me that is.)

Alexandra Bracken| Passanger

Again, this is an author that I hadn’t read anything until reading their more recent (at this point not released) book Passenger. I loved this book and even the things that I didn’t still made me like it. I can’t go into much detail but I can’t wait for the second one!

Ryan Graudin|Wolf by Wolf

I feel like I’m a broken record but 2015 was a year of discovering so many great authors! When I first heard of Wolf by Wolf and saw it going around the blogging community I was not impressed. The cover didn’t give me a clue of what the content was and what it did give a clue to was a lot of motorcycle racing and that was not my thing. But, for some reason I ended up reading the synopsis and figuring out that it had something to do with an alternate history of WWII and I love history and I love alternate “what-if” scenarios! This book did not disappoint and I recommend it to all!

Melina Marchetta|Finnikin of the Rock

Finally, a book series that I can say that I read all of and am not looking forward to another installment. Finnikin of the Rock surprised me in the complete and total rawness of Melina’s writing and instantly put her in one of my top 10 authors I’ve found in 2015. Seriously, there where times in this story I had to put it down and might have cried a bit.

Naomi Novik|Uprooted

Uprooted was a phonomon in the fantasy genre in the fact that it is a standalone book. It also blew up in the book blogging community for such good reason. Novik’s writing is so hauntingly poetic that it almost makes me sad that there isn’t a sequel. Oh well, I will definitely grab anything that she writes for sure!


  1. You have such a great list! I actually started Uprooted a couple of months ago, but I had to put it aside to finish some arcs and I haven’t picked it back up yet, but lord it was so freaking good! I haven’t read anything by Alexandra yet, but I’m picking up Passenger in a couple of days, (hopefully next week) so we’ll see what I think then. The Raven Cycle and Cinder were sooooo freaking good! I still have to catch up on the Raven Cycle before The Raven King releases, and in the Lunar Chronicles I still need to read my copy of Winter but who knows when I’ll get to that! I’ve heard amazing things about the other books you’ve listed especially Wolf by Wolf, I need to buy that like now!

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