December 23, 2015

The Many Emotions of Reading|New Feature

EmotionsI have been wracking by brain with finding a new feature that is out of the ordinary and I think that I’ve found the perfect one. So here I am introducing the “Many Emotions of Reading” feature. I want to say that if there IS a feature out there like this one I have no idea that there was and I apologize. So without further ado here is the jest of this feature.

• Each month I will feature a certain emotion that I personally feel while reading (i.e. sadness, joy, contentment, anger, and confusion etc.)


• For each emotion I am doing several posts during the month with varying categories (interview with the emotion, top ten books that made me feel this emotion, and how to handle this emotion if it comes up)


• At the end of each month I will have a discussion and maybe even a giveaway containing ether mystery box of goodies that deal with that certain emotion (hmmm…how to do anger) or a BD credit (for international readers)


If you have anything add that you think might be fun I’m all ears! If not, I hope you join me in January for the first emotion. Which one do you think that it should be?


  1. Oh, I really love this idea. It’s so frustrating sometimes trying to come up with new ideas for the blog? I haven’t seen anything like this around, so I’m curious to see what emotion you do first. I suppose if you DO have a giveaway for each emotion, anger could be books or items that are red (a sign of emotion) or books that feature anger-inducing topics like abuse, etc.

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