December 11, 2015

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Top Ten Tuesday


Sometimes I would like think that I am hard and I don’t care what other people think. Being young in the book blogging community I have found how completely and totally wrong I am. I’m scared. There I said it! I’m scared to share some of my opinions about books that are usually well loved by all. So, when I came across the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag it took me awhile, but I’m finally going to say how I feel. Please don’t kill me!

This tag was originally created by the Book Archer on YouTube. If you’d like to watch her video, click and there you go!

1. A Popular Book/Series You Didn’t Like

Throne of Glass Series

Ah, where do I start with this series. Now, I’m probably going to hear a lot of “give it a chance, Throne of Glass was written when Maas was young…” But here’s the thing, I did give it a chance. I read until about 50 pages into Heir of Fire before I had to stop. Just no.



The Selection Series

I’m going to admit that I got about 10 pages into this book before DNFing it. I felt like what I was reading was Hunger Games with a little few differences. I want to say that I’m sorry about this, but honestly I’m not. Maybe the story veered off this course, but I’m not invested in giving it a try.



2. A Popular Book/Series Everyone Hates but You Love

Discovery of Witches

Okay, so this book might not be that EVERYONE hates but this book definitely gets mixed reviews. Most negative reviews state that the pace is slow but I love that about this book. I love the buildup and as someone who lived through the Twilight era I love what Harkness did with the paranormal aspect and mixing it with science.


3. A love triangle where the MC ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with.

I’m going to have to say Ron and Hermione. I grew up with this series and for a lot of it I believed that Hermione was going to end up with Harry. I feel like this was totally jipped with who he ended up with. It felt like just a bow to tie on the ending that didn’t realistically make any sense to the story. Apparently J.K. Rowling agrees with me as here she states that there wasn’t any reason WHY Hermione and Harry shouldn’t have ended up together. Come on!!

4. A Popular Book Genre That You Hardly Reach For

Contemporary. Mainly because I feel like reading is my escape from reality and I’d rather not spend my time reading about realistic situations.

5. A Popular or Beloved Character That You Didn’t Like

Celaena Sardothien

Ah, I said there was going to be a theme and here it is. Celaena was one of the main reasons why The Throne of Glass series did not sit well with me.
I got that she was the most feared assassin (I love kick ass heroines) but the whole idea of her character just baffled me. She ended up being so perfect that the only thing to do with her was to make her EVEN more perfect. Ah, I’m going to stop there because I might turn this into a rant.

6. A Popular Author That You Cannot Seem To Get Into

John Green

Note my above comment about contemporaries. Plus, I dislike manic pixie dream girls and that seems to be a standard for him.



7. A Popular Book Troupe That You Are Tired of Seeing

Shitty parents: Come on guys, I get that there are some bad parents but not EVERY parent is bad or God forbid dead (if they were a good parent.)

All of the illness/mental illness books: I get it, kids need to read about these sort of thing and should have experience that give them some exposure. But, I feel since A Fault of Our Stars became popular and blew up that this type of book has become ridiculous.



8. Popular series you have no interest in reading

Legacy of Kings


Ah, crap I have so many things to say about this book. But mainly how completely and totally disappointed I was in this book. Since it has been published it has become quite a sensation and I understand that, but I just cannot waste any more time reading the rest of the series. Nope, fuck that.



9. The saying goes, ‘The book is always better than the movie’ but what movie do you prefer more than the book?



God, I hate saying this because I fucking hate both of them but as being the only book that I threw across a room this seems to fit the bill. I guess why the movies are passably better is because you don’t have Bella’s annoying and sometimes completely bitchy inner thoughts through the movie. Ah, blissful peace.

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