December 11, 2015

Dear Fierce Reads|Letter to Publisher

Dear Fierce Reads,

Today you revealed your new redesign for the Winner Series by .   I want to begin with saying that Winner’s Crime was one of the first books that I reviewed on my blog and I felt a connection to Kestrel that I hadn’t found in a lot of female characters. In a world where many of the female characters went through a phase that boasted tough and pants wearing heroines (a backlash to the damsels in distress era) Kestrel stood above the rest. She lived in a world were everyone was expected to join the military and fight. With the added pressure of her father being the General she continuously fought through out the series to make her own, non violent and strategic, place in her society. I loved this!

But, when I saw the covers of the new redesign my heart sank. Along with others in the book community the proverbial slap to all who have loved this book was felt; hard and bitter. It was made even worse when it was asked if the red dress design wasn’t happening and the response was:

….wanted Kestrel to look as bad*** as she is so we thought a redesign was in order!

My question to this is why? Why does Kestrel, a girl who mentions all over the series how she doesn’t know and isn’t really good at fighting pictured with swords and armor? Why is it necessary to redesign not only the covers of the previously published books but the last, and highly anticipated, last book in the series? I agree, the redesign has all the world to do with making Kestrel look bad ass, but in a complete and total lie to who she really is. She is bad-ass, and she doesn’t need your cover redesign to make her any more than she  already is.

More than me, more than the bloggers who spent time promoting and loving these covers (and spent money buying and waiting to complete their set) I feel like this is a betrayal to Marie Rutkoski. The original covers convinced readers to love Kestrel as she was and how she was written by her author. It didn’t misgiving the readers into assuming and expecting her to be anything that she was; a girl who loved dresses and outwitted people with her mind instead of her sword. But now that I see these new redesigned covers I feel dread for Kestrel and Marie and her beautiful writing. How many new readers of the series are going to pick up this book expecting her to be something that she is not and become disenchanted with the series? As much as I’d like to say that a book should not be judged by their cover they are and this cover does not represent the insides.

Please Fierce Reads, listen to the people who love this series. Make the covers represent the beautiful and kick ass heroine that Kestrel really is!


A disheartened reader,


Edit: I wanted to begin this by saying that Fierce Reads is a wonderful company and that this does not stop me from loving them as a whole. This opinion is only about my frustration about one and only one decision and does not mean that I no longer love and feel like they’re a kick ass publishing house!



Okay, so what do you guys think of the new covers vs. the older version? Do you agree? Disagree?





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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am so disappointed with the new covers. Not to mention, from an artistic standpoint, the original covers are superior in detail. They live and breathe Kestral. The new covers are freaking terrible. The more I talk about it, the more frustrated I become.

    • I completely understand the point of redesigning books. Sometimes older books need a redesign to get more readers and thus make more money for the publishing company. But this series isn’t even completed yet! I feel sorry for those readers who are going to pick up these books expecting something and be disappointed when they don’t get the kick ass warrior that is depicted on the cover.

  2. Great letter idea! THe new covers do not fit at all. The second book cover looks like I am about to read about a sorceress or something! The original cover is what enraptured me and was the cave in for buying it at full price. I will not be buying the books with the new covers. And I feel bad for the author for it but they are a huge turn off for me, for this series.

  3. Ugh the new covers just feel like they’re trying to branch off of the Throne of Glass series. I can’t believe they’re going with a redesign. It’s so ridiculous that they would start changing the covers with only the last book in the series. What am I going to do with the first two books now? They don’t fit in with the last one, and that’s stupid. People may not recognize the cover in the store if they don’t know Marie Rutkoski’s name, even if they’re fans of the series. This is a great letter and thank you for writing it!

    • It seems like our words have hit Fierce Reads as they are releasing the matching cover to the rest of the books. I agree, they looked too much like the Throne of Glass series and that is okay if the character inside matches. I wouldn’t want new readers to get confused on who they are reading. I know when I was younger I looked at the cover to show me a little bit about the book and the characters.

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