December 18, 2015

Beautiful Inside and Out|Front Lines ARC Review

What do you think of my soldier girls, Gentle Reader? Aimless, naive Rio and sexy Jenou; smart, determined Rainy and gentle, conflicted Frangie?

(ARC, 298)

Wow is all I have to say about Michael Grant’s Front Lines. As I try and write this review words are failing me and through the tears I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to read this book. In simple words it is a heart wrenching alternate history where woman can fight in WWII and three diverse heroines have to navigate a world that defines them by their sex and race. These three women join the Army for different reason, but each find something, a piece of themselves that they have been missing in their lives on the battlefield.

I love historical fiction and as I stated previously in my review of Wolf by Wolf, I love alternate history. But Front Lines had an extra special place in my heart because it deals with a topic I myself have dealt with. If this is the first time you’re visiting my humble blog, you might not know but I was in the active duty Army for 4 years. Along with me my husband was in the military for 10. So, not only have I worn combat boots but I have been on the other side as my husband deployed 3 times for a total of 36 months in theater. Maybe I’ll speak more about this because I feel like a discussion is at hand about some things that have been spurred on by not only Front Lines but things that are happening in our own lives as we speak that are starting to mirror this book.

As for the plot, the beginning could be considered slow by most people’s expectations. The book is split into three sections and the first revolves around the three girls lives and coming to the decision or not to enlist. The second is their first introduction to the military and growing into soldiers. The third is their first introduction to war

The above quote fits perfectly with explaining the characters of Front Lines. All I will say other than that is the fact that Grant does a beautiful job at making these girls not only distinct in their voices but their stories as well. It doesn’t feel repetitive and each of the girl’s stories help build on a great and larger one. What place do women have in the military; but more importantly in war?

If you asked me if I recommend this book it is a definite and complete yes. This book is more than a military book but a story that everyone, male and female, should read.


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