December 20, 2015

You’ve Got Goals, I’ve Got Goals| 2016 Blogging Resolutions

2016 blogging resolutions-2


2016 is going to be the first whole year of Charmingly Simple and I aim to make it both a fun and productive year of reading and making friendships. Most every year I make personal and professional goals and so I thought that I’d do the same thing here. I have an issue with keeping some of my resolutions each year so I hope that you readers can help me keep accountable! So here they are in no particular order:


Reading Goals:

o I had a goal of 45 books this year on my GR goal and I am not going to make that. This could be because I set it like in October so hopefully I have enough time to read my 2016 GR goal of 100 books.

o I’m going to keep better track of the books that I have bought, plan to buy, and whether or not I am actually interested in reading them. Since I’ve joined the book blogging community I have had to watch out for overly hyped books that I want to read JUST because everyone else is loving them.

o I am joining about 5 challenges in 2016 and I want to do well on them. I feel like challenges will help not only broaden my horizons but also help me with my ultimate goal of 100 books. Hell, if I get more than that it will be a GREAT year!



o I need to come up with a schedule. I haven’t had much of one for the beginning of my blog and it’s kind of hurt me I believe in getting out there. I have made sporadic posts and it doesn’t quite look like I’m taking this as serious as I really am.

o I want to make my blog more ethically pleasing to the eye. I love my theme right now but I am always feeling that it isn’t quite right. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I like to be unique and I don’t feel like this pre-made template is really working for me!

o I want to continue fostering relationships between myself and other bloggers. I have joined Twitter and have been branching out but I want to do that more!

o Go to BEA for the first time. This has been my dream since I found out there was such a thing as it. It seems like such a wonderfully bookish time and I am so glad that it is coming to Chicago and is an option for me to go to!

o Work my graphic magic on my posts and get better at doing it. I do use graphics but it tends to take me a long time finish and I feel like my posts would be so much better, especially for those visual learners, if I incorporated not only graphics but BETTER graphics.

o Make discussion posts. I have so many thoughts but I’m afraid of the backlash of them. Some are controversial and some are not book related per say but I really like the idea of discussing them with people.

o I’d really love to increase the followers. Not only on Twitter but on my blog or Bloglovin. I don’t care how many I increase by, I’d just like to see progress is all. It makes me feel like I’m making quality content and gives me quite a confidence boost!

o I would love to include my photography on my blog. Even if it’s not book in nature I love photography and like reading I have been away too long.


So here are my goals for 2016. Do you have any that you’d like to talk about? Maybe buddy up and take on our goals at the same time?



  1. You should totally try to come to BEA! It is so fun! Also, if you ever want to brainstorm discussion posts with me, you know where my DM’s are. 😉 I’m always happy to help! Also, I think your blog is super pretty. <3 Great goals!

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