November 5, 2015

Two New Features| Movies + Television


I’ve been wracking my brain for awhile because I’ve wanted to incorporate movies and television shows because when I am not reading this is what I love to do.  I’ve seen some amazing and unique ways that other bloggers have used and quite honestly they have intimidated me. Honestly, what has made me more conscious was the idea that I would be seen as copying those older and more well known bloggers ideas. Well, I’ve decided to caution to the wind and try. Just to preface these features, I did not get any from other bloggers, only in idea of finding a way to feature movies and television shows that I enjoy (and maybe some that I don’t). With that being said, here we go:

Feature #1: Family Movie Night

A lot of the movies that I watch will probably fall under this category. This feature will be aimed for those who have kids and I will talk especially about how I feel these movies both suit adults and which age group the movie seemed to be aimed for. I will attempt to post this feature bi-weekly, but for sure each month. There will be a theme that attaches to this feature as well (i.e. December will be Christmas/Family Tradition Movie and so on).


Feature #2: Date Night

This feature will be more of an all-in sort of feature when it comes to movies BUT I decided this because most of the time I’m either watching movies and television with my children (or being forced to watch what they want) or with my husband. Back before we had children one of the funniest things that we did is to go to the movies. Gone is the day of being able to do that so we usually wait until our children are asleep. This feature will include both movies and television show. I will explain why I like it, don’t like it, and make sure to include some quotes from my husband (because maybe you’d want to have your own date night). Now be warned, I have a varying range of tastes when it comes to movies and sometimes my husband gets to pick a movie/television show so there will be no set theme for this feature.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy these features!

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