October 21, 2015

Wishes Wishes, So Many Book Wishes|Top Ten Tuesday


Another try

Ah, sometimes when life kicks you it really kicks you! Yes, yes, I’m officially posting a Top Ten Tuesday on a Wednesday but I had somethings come up and well here we are. I thought that this weeks post was super fun so I had to do it anyway. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and Bookish!


10 Wishes I’d Ask a Book Gene

    1. Dear Book Genie| I would love to be able to read faster. Gosh, I read really slow and it makes reviewing books so hard because it seems like I’m not reading but I am!
    2. Dear Book Genie| I would really love to meet Tamora Pierce. That is self explanatory.
    3. Dear Book Gene| On that note I would like to wish for Hollywood to make the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce into a movie and make it perfect. I mean perfect!
    4. Dear Book Genie| Can I please have a library that looks like this

ladyalbania-Disa-ide-si-te-arredoni-nje-dhome-ne-papafingo-001    5.  Dear Book Genie| I would like to get the perfect job that all I do each day is read. Yes, somehow that is a job and I want it!

    6. Dear Book Genie| Can I get a wish for George R.R. Martian to finish the Game of Thrones series? I mean come on I love the show but what make me love the story-line was the books. Gosh, please before my eye sight fails me and I can’t read the words anymore.

7. Dear Book Genie| I would love to see more diverse books introduced into the MG and YA community. I feel very strongly that everyone should be able to read a story that they can relate to.

8. Dear Book Genie| I would love that all of the libraries in the world where stocked full of books and that they were renovated to provide the best service.

9. Dear Book Genie| On this same note, I would love if people understood the need for libraries and that they weren’t dying. Just because you don’t use the services doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

10. Dear Book Genie| For my last wish, I wish that both of my children grow up to love and enjoy books as much as I do. I wish that

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