October 25, 2015

Letters To Simon and Baz|Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Review

Dear Simon Snow,

Ever since the little snippets of Cath’s interpretation of your story I yearned for you to have your own book. It seems like I was not the only one to feel this way because Rainbow Rowell took it upon herself to make my dreams and those who wished the same thing into reality.

Boy – was I not disappointed!
The first thing I would like to do is apologize. Apologize for all the people who see your story as a rip off of the Harry Potter series. Even though I wished for your story to be told I too fell into that as I began to read Carry On. There were just too many similarities that it was getting kind of ridiculous! But as your story of being the Chosen One (as you say, the worst that’s ever been chosen) began to unfold I could see that although there where similarities, this story, your story, was something completely and beautifully different.
It breaks my heart that people might not give your story a chance to see how beautiful and charming your story is. I know, I know, you might think differently but it’s true. Keep those who love and care about you close because you DO have them.


P.S. Give yourself a break, you deserve it!


Dear Baz,

I know you’re probably glaring at this paper and wondering who am I and why I am writing you this letter. Well there are a few reasons and maybe they will help a little.

#1: You should probably bring a flashlight when walking. Just saying. Or cast a Let There be Light or something.
#2: You are stronger then you think you are. Yes, you think you’re pretty strong but I understand that a lot of that is a front.
#3: I’m glad that I got to know your point of view. It gave me an understanding of your person and character that I didn’t get to with *that* book. It was really refreshing to see what went on inside your head and not just someone who viewed you as an enemy.
#4. You go Baz! You know what I mean.

Well, I am going to keep this short because you’ve probably lost interest.



Dear Rainbow Rowell,


Thank you for making this story possible. Ever since I read Fangirl earlier this year I was craving a story about Simon and Baz and I am so excited I was finally able to read it! You are by far becoming my favorite contemporary writer and I do not usually read contemporary books so the list is pretty short.

What I would really like to say is thank you for writing this book despite the flack that you might have gotten/are getting for it. A lot of people compare this story to Harry Potter and there are some similarities to it but you made it your own story and that takes an amazing skill and you completely nailed it. It being compared to Harry Potter is not the only flack but I will not give away what it because it is a big part of the story. All I want you to know is that despite the flack for either scenario you have made such a wonderful story and thank you again for making it.

One of your biggest fans,



Final Thoughts:

These are a few of letters that I would write to the characters of Carry On and to Rainbow Rowell. I decided to write letters as my review because I felt strongly with these characters as I was reading and to Rainbow for writing this story that I’ve wanted to read for so long. There was so many things that I want to say to these characters, but, because I do not want to ruin the story for others that I won’t go into. Just know that there might be things that others might find offensive about this book so going into it with an open mind and tolerance will make it so much more of a beautiful and in some instances heartbreaking book to read.


  1. I’m SO excited to read this one! I already have a copy and I’ll definitely get into it soon but your letters made me much more excited. I’m so glad that despite the similarities to HP, Simon’s story was different. Thanks for sharing your letters, Lynette!

    • Thank you Hazel! Yeah, when I began reading it I almost was like “this is too much!” but kept going and about 100 pages in I couldn’t stop and devoured it in a day (and I don’t read that fast at all!).

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