August 24, 2015

TLC Read Along Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyers

I initially picked up Cinder because of a read along that is being hosted by Brittney at The Book Addicts Guide for the upcoming release of the final book in the series Winter in November. If you haven’t heard of it each month the participants of the read along are going to read one book from the series each month: Cinder in August, Scarlet in September, Cress in October, and it all leads up to Winter in November/December! This read along is for people rereading or people like me who are reading the series for the first time. So, if you are interested in joining here is the information!

Now on to the review!

I am going to preface this review by saying that by no means am I a fast reader. Actually, one of my biggest issues with starting this blog was the fact that I sometimes read so slow that it might take me half a week to read a book, maybe even a week. I could say that this was because of my kids but it’s not completely their faults. I like to think about what I’m reading, go over it in my head, and form my opinions about what I’m reading or even what the author was trying to say with this book. Why am I telling you this long and seemingly insignificant backstory of mine? Well, I wanted you readers to understand when I say that I finished Cinder in one day that it is a fiat for me!
The biggest thing that I loved about Cinder was even though there were some things that I bugged me about the story not once did I think of DNF. My biggest issue with this book is that it could have been an awesome story without the ever present “Cinderella retelling” hanging over its head. Why was this an issue to me you ask? It made the plot predictable. All of the things that happened in the book I guessed well before they were revealed and usually with me spells the end for most book because I am NOT a good guesser on either books or movies.

The redeeming quality to me with this was I was invested in the characters and some of the things in the story specifically how the cyborgs are treated, is realistic to the society that they live in. Cyborgs are genetically enhanced humans and have the ability to detect lies and other REALLY cool things. One thing about humans though is that we are afraid of anything that has the potential to be better than us. When humans get scared they start to react and in this world it is cyborgs that get that fear. Another thing that I love about this story is the potential. Honestly, there could have been more world building other than the New Beijing that they lived in but I understand why that wasn’t done. There are two books out and I’m sure that my issues with the world building will be wrapped up in the sequels.



  1. Thanks so much for joining the read along! I’m glad you liked Cinder even though there were some hang-ups. I LOVED how much of an original world Marissa Meyer put into these books and that it wasn’t straight-up retelling. I think my first read I was surprised by the twist and on my re-read it did seem really obvious!
    I hope you enjoy Scarlet and the rest of the series!! 🙂
    (Also, my two cents — don’t fret about being a slow reader! Blogging is here for you to enjoy, not to stress about!)

    • Thank you! When I first found booktube and the book blogging community as a whole the thing that overwhelmed me was how fast people seemed to be able to read and review books! Since then, I have noticed also how much a understanding and welcoming community this is and I have stopped stressing about it! Readalongs like these have really helped me branch out and communicate and I’m so happy that I found it. Thank you for being such a great host!

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