August 10, 2015

ARC August Review: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey is the first book that I was approved by Netgalley and I was extremely ecstatic because it was one of my most anticipated books of the fall. Well guys, it seems that I have to say that I failed with this book. I gave this one a fair shake because I felt obligated to read it because of the above but soon and made it to about 50% of the book I DNF.

One of the most irritating things to me about this book is the writing. Normally with a stories writing if the story is good enough I can trick myself into becoming engrossed in the story. With Hunter I couldn’t do that. From the first pages I was both confused about the story and the writing jarred me and made me bite my tongue in frustration (not hard or anything)! The protagonist addresses the reader for heaven’s sake! If that didn’t bother me enough the fact that the plot should be dark and dramatic, the writing of Hunter made it seem unbearably and irritatingly innocent.

I have been reading for about 18 years give or take and one of the things that I cannot stand is being told about things instead of shown. If anything in stories that turned me off to them faster it is never getting the opportunity to get to know the characters fully because their every emotion was just read to me like a script. Hunter did just this and honestly is another reason why I did not finish this book.

The saddest part is that Hunter had so much potential to be an awesome and heart pounding book if so much of the book didn’t consist of Joy and her thoughts and inner jabbering.
If I was to say one thing that I liked about this story it would be the actual world and the idea and concept of the Hunters. When it comes down to it through, I think that what killed this book for me was the 1st person narration. This book is one of those that needs to be told in 3rd to be a truly awesome book and unfortunately because it wasn’t the protagonist’s thoughts got in the way of fully connecting to this book.

not my cup of coffee…

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