August 17, 2015

ARC August Review #3: Court of Fives by Kate Elliot

Elliot spins a world similar to the ancient Greece and Roman societies (will win brownie points with me every time because I LOVE these societies) where hierarchy, class, and entitlement reign supreme. Jess, the main protagonist is the daughter of a low-born Patron, elevated to the rank of Captain, and a Commoner mother. In this society this mixing of Patron and Commoner is frowned upon and despite other Patron men’s assistance Jess’s parents remain faithful to each other for twenty years. All Jess wants to do is to run in the Fives, a competition that has great rewards and fame but cannot because of the strict Patron rules confining women. Defying these rules, Jess competes in the Fives but in the process it costs everything that she holds dear. Standing in the ruin of her life, Jess stops at nothing to make sure her family lives and is well no matter the cost.

What made me love Court of Fives was the world-building and how true to those previously mentioned societies Elliot got. In Ancient Greece, especially in Athens, women were treated with extreme sexism and allowed to do anything but keep the household and have children. It is on point as well that male children were the preferred sex of children and if someone had too many daughters it was considered a curse. The world-building was well written and just the right amount of description and character development.

When it comes to the family bound, especially the sisters Maraya, Jess, Bethany, and Amaya I couldn’t help but see some striking similarities between Pride and Prejudice. Some might ask what the heck I am talking about but it was especially apparent in the youngest sister Amaya. She reminded me of Kitty with her obsession with her physical appearance and how things affect her and making the richest marital match. So much so that I cringed every time she talked just as I did with Kitty. I will not go into more detail about the family aspect because it is a HUGE part of the book and I aim to not spoil the story for people reading my reviews. Just know, that I think that Elliot did a wonderful job at creating a story that tugs at your heart strings at how far Jess is willing to go for her family.

Would I recommend it:

Yes, yes, a million times yes! It does have its annoyance but I feel like the story is so engrossing that it makes up for them. I’m definitely going to be waiting for the sequel and reading it as soon as I can!


Waiting on the sequel!

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